Making Waves...

...with Deluxe Material products

For creating waves ripples waterfalls and moving water effects

Deluxe Materials produces Making Waves. This is a specially formulated, odourless, clear setting resin that is designed to hold its shape even on vertical surfaces. Thus it can be used to form waves, texture water surfaces to make ripples, waves and even waterfalls. It can also be coloured with water-based paints and is easy to clean up with water.


 John Bristow International Marketing Manager said, “Our scenic range products are highly regarded for their fine quality and ease of use. Making Waves is the result of over 3 years development and testing and will make a valuable contribution to modelling waves, running water and even waterfalls; it’s a great companion product to Solid Water, Scenic fibres Scenic Water”


How to use

  1. Prepare diorama base as normal.

  2. Apply Making Waves in thin films to create the surface you require and allow to dry. Add more layers if required to achieve the desired effect.


  1. Pin point syringe can be used to extrude Making Waves for water flow

  2. Scenic Fibres is a useful base for creating waterfalls

  3. Colour with acrylic paint 


You can find the Making Waves at your local model shop now together with the full range of Deluxe Materials glues and Scenic products.

Making Waves is priced and £8.50 (100ml) and £13.50 (250ml) and distributed to the trade by

Creative Models Ltd. Units 6-10 Honeysome Rd Ind Est. Honeysome Road, Chatteris, Cambs PE16 6TG UK Tel: +44(0)1354 760022 Fax: +44(0)1354 760037.  

Historex. tel: 01304 206720 / fax: 01304 204528

and exclusively in North America by Horizon Hobby Consumer: .tel 1-800-338-4639 fax 1-217-355-1552 Dealer: tel 1-800-535-5551 fax 1-800-661-2026


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