Sdkfz 223 in 1/72...

...No. 53 in the First to Fight magazine series

Coupled with a Polish language magazine, 'First to Fight' it combines it with a very neat 1/72 model.  In this instance it is for a German Sdkfz 223, the radio equipped version on the light armoured car chassis.

The kits is not difficult to build and the fit of parts is very good.  I like it that even the width indicators are included to mount on the front mudguards.  Starting with the chassis, there is a small extension piece to add on the back end but otherwise it is moulded in one piece.  Fit the wheels, the single piece main body plus the engine firewall/windscreen and the bonnet.  Then add the steering wheel, the folded tilt on the back of the bodywork.  Next, the 2 side elements which have the rounded rear mudguards and spare wheels moulded together, and which fit perfectly in place.  The final stages are to add the headlights, width indicators and front bumper and that's it.  A very neat little kit.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


FtF Polish Krupp Artillery Tractor
Magazine and Kit combination
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