King Tiger Interior... the NACHF collection in Fort Benning, Georgia

It was back in 2013 that I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join a tour group from the US based AMPS (Armor Modelling Preservation Society) in a visit to the home of US tank crew training, at Fort Benning, Georgia.  I was there to attend the AMPS event in Atlanta but there was also the chance to visit the collection of NACHF (National Armor Cavalry Heritage Foundation).  This includes the armour collection that was transferred from the now closed Patton Museum at Fort Knox, plus part of the collection previously held at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  An opportunity to see exhibits from both those sites now together in one place was simply enough to make me want to make my first journey to the USA.

Stored in the main hanger, among the most precious vehicles in their collection, sits a Henschel turreted King Tiger.  It also features large sections of the armour on the left hand side of both the turret and hull, so the inside is easy to see.  Clearly a recent restoration thanks to the fresh paint both inside and out, this provides what I think is an ideal reference for any modeller taking on the recent 1/35 kits which feature the King Tiger with a full interior.  With that in mind, I hope you will find this set of photos of the vehicle that I took .during my visit to be useful.  Do please take the time to let me know if you find them interesting/helpful