Shell Case, Perfect Metal - Set 1...

...from Lifecolor, in stock with The Airbrush Company, the UK importers

The latest set of colours to come from Lifecolor is



Lifecolor Shell Cases - Perfect Metal, set 1

SRP £17.99


This set includes 6 matt colours:

UA 270 SCC 15 Olive Drab

UA 271 SCC 14 Blue - Black

UA 272 Light Mud Provisional

UA 273 SCC 2 Brown

UA 274 SCC 1A Very Dark Brown

UA 275 24 Deep Bronze Green

Lifecolor Shell Cases Set 1
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Lifecolor Shell Cases Set 1
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Lifecolor Shell Cases Set 1
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Water soluble acrylic colours for modelling and hobby. LifeColor is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic.

Using LifeColor:
1.Clean surfaces to be painted
2.For airbrushing, dilute the colour to a milky consistency using water or LifeColor Thinner.
3.Airbrush at very low pressures. (Iwata airbrushes give the best performance and atomisation at low pressures.)
4.Apply colour in thin coats with a brush or airbrush
5.Allow to dry completely between coats
6.Clean your airbrush with airbrush cleaner and flush through with water