Under Fire, Modern US Infantry in 1/35...

...a recent figure set from MB Models

1) 24054 "At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company's adventures. Episode I. The first meeting. Tiberious "Ty" Constellation Hackington III" - this is the fifth kit in the new series " At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company's adventures" and is part of the story told with the help of our figures about how different characters, accidentally met in the bar of the peripheral space station, became a cohesive team, later known as" Strange Company ".  
The kit includes a figure of a galactic special forces fighter.
Tiberious "Ty" Constellation Hackington III
Ty is young and full of ambition. He was born on one of the most highly developed planets of the Galactic Union, with excellent natural and technological education opportunities. Growing up in a rich and comfortable megalopolis, he was not particularly suited for the harsh service life he chose. His desire to prove himself assisted him to overcome the prejudice of both bosses and fellow soldiers and become an exemplary fighter in the Galactic Union Special Forces. He is highly developed and well educated. He dreams of studying at the Academy, but it has been difficult for him to get into the Academy because of caste prejudices and the lack of financial support from his relatives. He is very organized and clearly and accurately executes orders to the letter. He is not very motivated and proactive and he is not inclined to improvise, which on the one hand, makes him a very reliable member of the team, but on the other it closes his prospect of growth to the level of sergeant. Despite a very decent education, he must rely solely on himself and a state scholarship if he wants to attend the Academy to gain the coveted status of an officer. He doesn’t feel that his abilities will get him accepted, so he must decide where his future will go.

During the battle in the bar on the space station Almar, Lightning Bolt and Ty managed to pursue the renegades and get aboard the stolen shuttle/ship. They are now faced with a difficult decision. Join the “Strange Company” and take their chances, or remain loyal to the Galactic Union (and continue to be held back in their careers with the Galactic Union Special Forces)? Currently they are alone and outnumbered on a ship heading into deep space (that will be soon hunted by every resource the Galactic Union can muster). They have decided to join the “Strange Company”, a decision that will completely change their lives and destiny. They are now part of the most wanted/hunted group in all of space.