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Cross-Country Lorries...

...German Manufacturers, Camera On 13, from MMP Books

Title:  Cross-Country Lorries, German Manufacturers

Author: Alan Ranger

Publisher:  MMP

ISBN:  978-83-65958-09-9

Number 13 in their Camera On series of soft-cover books, another by Alan Ranger from his extensive collection of images, and it covers the variety of German Cross-Country Lorries built by a variety of manufacturers. They include Henschel, Mercedes Benz and Magirus.
It starts with the Henschel Type 33 series, which is illustrated in an interesting variety of variants. In use as a troop carrier, a general service truck, pioneer unit vehicle, cable layer and coach build bodied radio/command vehicle. Within the pictures are an equally good mix of trailers, from 2 and 4 wheel generators, flak weapons, searchlights and general service trailers. Next comes the Mercedes G3 and then Mercedes LG3000 trucks. Again a mix of GS bodied trucks, both with and without tilts, along with coach built wooden bodies as well. The final elements cover the Magirus M206 and then Magirus Type 33 series as well. Once again, a great mix of variants, including carrying a standard field kitchen to improve mobility for what was intended as a horse-drawn asset.
The quality of the photos throughout is very good, and the informative captions all add to the text which introduces each section. When you add in all the extra things seen in the photos, such as pontoon bridging, rail transport and maintenance scenarios, this all adds to the detail seen in the trucks themselves which will interest military vehicle historians but be a particularly excellent reference for modellers. Another addition to this series of books which is growing into a fine collection. Certainly recommended.

Thanks to MMP Books, who kindly provided our review copy.



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