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M4 with Dozer in 1/76...

...a metal model by MMS
MMS_ShermanDozer (1).JPG

2nd April 2020 UPDATE

I learned only today that my old friend Barry Walby who operated MMS for so long very sadly passed away on 29th February 2020. I can't easily say how sad this makes me as Barry was a personal friend for over 30 years. I remember being with him as he recovered for a massive heart attack and his recovery after his heart bypass operations at the time of the Gulf War, when as a reservist he was on duty at an airbase in Turkey. His friendship and his models will be very sadly missed not just by me, but by the military modelling hobby as a whole.

Rest in Peace my friend.

This metal model was originally released by MMS some time ago. The basic M4 Sherman but with the addition of a dozer blade.

The model is cast in white metal and was simple enough to assemble. As a metal kit you could use superglue or solder for the assembly. Given a coat of primer (I use Halfords Acrylic Grey primer spray cans) and then a coat of US Olive Drab, another acrylic spray can in the Tank Spray range from The Plastic Soldier Company. They also supplied the Allied stars I used in their range of transfers as well. 

The sad thing about the lovely MMS range of models is that the owner, my old friend Barry Walby, has got to a point where he has retired and the bulk of the range are no longer available, just a few remaining stock items left from his extensive range last time I heard. A real shame but it has been a pleasure to build these MMS Models over many years and it was just a random choice that I picked up the primed model from one of my drawers and decided to finish it off.  No weathering yet but certainly a model I like and which just 'looks right' to me.


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