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Sherman Firefly...

...from Model Centrum Progres, via Casemate

Title:  Sherman Firefly

Author: Peter Brown

Publisher:  Model Centrum Progres

ISBN:  978-83-60672-32-7

A new addition to the Armor PhotoHistory series from Model Centrum, by well known author on British Armour, Peter Brown, who has spent 40 years studying the subject.
The 88-page soft-cover book is packed with a marvellous collection of 148 archive photos, along with 1/35 scale plans, stowage sketches, detailed parts frawing taken from original manuals and 9-pages of first class colour plates. Add to that the historical text and captions which all add to the detailed information that this book holds. The sections are split into the History of the development of the 17pounder armed Fireflies, and which includes a number of tables showing things like production rates, several showing the number in use with various allied units at different times, and one which illustrates the effectiveness of the 17pounder shell against the armour of a Panther. It even includes some notes on how the Fireflies were used by other nations after then end of WW2. Then things move on to the Photo Galleries, first looking at the Firefly VC and then going on to the IC. Some superb photos of them in use by plenty of different units, including quite naturally the Polish Army. After this collection of archive photos you get pages of scale drawings, then the various stowage sketches and manual extracts, and finally the colour plates.
Another excellent addition to this series of books, and not only interesting to the armour historian, but a valuable and detailed resource for the armour modeller. There are plenty of options available in kit form, including some new ones, for the Firefly so well timed.

Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.


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