German E-75 Heavy Tank w/88mm in 1/72...

...a fully detailed 'Paper Panzer' from ModelCollect

This is one of those times when opening a kit box can still surprise you.  The E-75, a late war German design for a heavy tank very similar to the King Tiger, but which was due to have a number of changes which would have made them easier to manufacture.  With a new suspension system in place of the torsion bar system, one of the improvements would have been less holes to drill into the heavy armoured hull.

As for the kit though, you find it has full interior detail throughout the turret and hull.  With the hull you not only get the fighting compartment interior included but also the engine compartment as well.  The same is true for the turret as well, complete with turret basket.  In terms of what comes included with a kit is perhaps the largest sheet of etch brass details that I can recall seeing included in a small scale model.  This includes etch brass parts for the spare track links to hang on the sides of the turret, with separate guide horns and even the hangers for those links are etch parts.  Also in etch, the sections of the track guards are done in etch metal rather than plastic.  If all this isn't enough, all the ammunition racks allow for a full load of ammunition in both hull and turret plus they all have a separate etch disc for the base of each main gun round.  I've seen this on 1/35 kits before but this is the first time I can recall seeing it in small scale.  Is there anything else?  Yes, there is a set of 5 crew figures included in the box, both seated and standing figures to fit inside the various crew positions.

There is going to be a lot to do in building this one, and you really need a bit of experience working with etch brass parts to make the most of what is included in here.  I must say I am impressed with what ModelCollect have done with this one.

Tiger Hobbies here in the UK are now importing the ModelCollect range.