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2 Sets of British Sherman Decals in 1/72...

...from Star Decals

Modellers and wargamers are generally great fans of the Sherman tank, so these two new sets of water-slide transfers (sorry, I am old fashioned and prefer the term Transfers to Decals) for some Shermans in British service in WW2.

72-A 1040 British Sharpshooters
This set has complete sets of markings for 5 Shermans serving with 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry. The transfers are also accompanied by a colour sheet showing the colours and locations for each individual transfer on all of the different models. The 6 tanks are-
Sherman Mk II, in Grand Villers, France in August 1944
Sherman Mk II Command Tank, also in 1944
Firefly Mk Vc, also at Grand Villers
Firefly Mk Ic Hybrid though no given location
Sherman Mk I Hybrid on D+1, and this one is shown still carrying the wading trunking in place on the back.

All are part of 4th Armoured Brigade. There are models available, either in plastic and in resin to make all these useful.


72-A 1041 British Shermans
Another 5 Shermans in NW Europe in 1944, again with a colour sheet which provides an illustrated guide for where each transfer is to be applied.

Sherman Mk I, with the 1st Northants Yeomanry in the Summer of 1944
Sherman Mk I, an HQ vehicle from 144 RAC, also Summer 1944
Sherman Mk III, with wading trunking in place, belonging to Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) on Gold Beach on D-Day
Sherman Mk I, with wading trunking, and used by East Riding Yeomanry, on Sword Beach, June 1944.
Sherman Mk II with 44th Royal Tanks at Rivers, Normandy.

Good quality transfers and good clear guidance for placement. These should both be popular sets.

Thanks to Johann at Star Decals for my examples. The link to the Star Decals website is below, where you can purchase any of their ranges.



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