Tankette 54/6...

...the latest issue of the bi-monthly magazine for members of MAFVA

Tankette is the magazine for members of MAFVA, the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association.

MAFVA remains one of the longest running modelling associations to be found in the world, now in its’ 54th year.  Things have changed a lot since those early days and modelling as a hobby faces lots of competition for our time these days, and the attraction of computer games, particularly for youngsters, is a temptation for many.  The huge array of models and references on the market these days is a very far cry from what was available back in those early days of the 1960s.  At that time it could be largely described as a ‘pocket money’ hobby, a description which is not really the case today.  While costs have gone up for kits, paints, books and other accessories, maybe you need a bit of a hand with picking out what you want to spend your money on, or maybe a local club where you can share your modelling skills and pick up hints and tips from other like minded modellers.

MAFVA offers some great benefits to its’ members which make the very reasonable annual subscription really worthwhile.  As well as the mutual support, the local branches, the original references within the bi-monthly Tankette magazine, the discounts offered to MAFVA members by a variety of retailers and publishers will mean you can easily save the cost of your subscription each year.

The latest issue of Tankette is at the printers and will soon be on the way to members. This time Dick Harley continues his series of 'Walkrounds' with the A9 and A10 tanks at the Tank Museum, Ed Storey introduces a new Canadian Army Armoured Patrol Vehicle, Graham Cobb details his building of a 1/76 'Big Bertha', the WW1 German 420mm Krupp gun, Bernard Goldstein visits the Latrun Armour Museum in Israel with plenty of photos, plus the usual News and Review features. 

Why not join, only £16.00 for 1 year's membership, which includes receiving 6 copies of Tankette each year.

I should admit to a bit of bias on this news as I am the Editor of Tankette for MAFVA.