Leopard 2A5 Part 2...

... from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 3/18

Publisher: Tankograd

The third issue of this quarterly magazine from Tankograd for 2018.  All in German language this has the usual mix of topics covering not only the latest military vehicle news, but with others from WW1, WW2 and the Cold War.  The articles always include excellent photo references, including both Black & White archive images, along with modern day colour photos as well.

This month has news on the potential for the 8-wheel Boxer MIV as a potential purchase for the British Army, while a separate feature considers the recent purchase of the Boxer by the Australian Army as well.  Other articles in this issue include the modernisation program for the German Army Buffel engineer vehicles; a couple of museum visits, with the Dutch Artillery Museum and the new home at Lyneham for the REME Museum; a major article on the WW1 subject of the Italian built Lancia 1zM which includes preserved examples: coverage of Allied Spirit VII, an exercise undertaken in Oct/Nov 2017, featuring the 2nd Dagger Brigade and some interesting photos of US equipment in Germany; then a separate look at the M1A2 SEP V2 including detailed photos, badges and unit organisation; the Donnington Grand Prix Collection of Tom Wheatcroft with a marvellous selection of restored WW2 vehicles; a feature on Canadian operated Ferrets in Germany during the Cold War, 1954-68: Portuguese armour, with M60A3 and the Leopard 2A6; staying with the International scene, a Swedish Brobandvagen 941 Bridgelayer; plus some archive photos of equipment in use by the Bundeswehr in the early Cold War, Grunderjahre der Bundeswehr.

As ever, some excellent references for modellers as well as military vehicle historians.

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