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New set of Republican Roman Cavalry in 28mm scale...

...a new release from Victrix

Some news of the latest 28mm ancient figures from Victrix, as they have released a new set of Republican Roman Cavalry, with 16 horses and riders.  At the same time, Little Big Men Studios have also released sets of suitable shield transfers to go with them.


In stock and shipping now:-

  • 16 mounted figures in each set.

  • All armoured with chainmail and muscled cuirass.

  • Separate heads including Etruscan helmets allowing multiple variants.

  • Choice of arms for javelins, spears, swords, musician and standard bearer.

  • Optional cloaks

  • Round shields.

  • Digitally designed meaning highly detailed figures.

  • Great value at £29.95, cheaper than most metal sets and more highly detailed.

  • Some figures can be converted into Carthaginian cavalry.

  • Little Big Men Studios have produced shield transfers for this set.


Thanks to Victrix for the news.


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