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La Haye Sainte in 15mm scale...

...laser-cut wood buildings from 4Ground Models
4Ground15,,LaHayeSainte (1).JPG

Modern technology has brought a number of benefits to modellers, and one of these is the use of computers along with laser cutting tools.  Designed primarily for wargamers, these buildings from 4 Ground Models come pre-coloured and a simply excellent and fun to build.  They come in a pack of pre-coloured boards, the parts pre-cut. It is easy enough to press out the parts and clean up the small points which remain to connect them to the board.  They have good clear instructions, the fit of parts is very good, and glue together with simple white wood glue.

This one features the historic site of La Haye Sainte, one of the key buildings in the story of the Battle of Waterloo. This model is in 15mm scale, though 4Ground also do this in 28mm for those who prefer the larger scale. It's aimed at the Wargames market but will be equally good for the diorama fan as well. You can opt to buy each item separately, which would be a way of spreading your costs, or go for this one set which saves on the total cost. In the box there are 12 different individual packs, four of them large buildings and the rest the smaller elements. There are the Main Farmhouse: Corner Stables: Barn: Cow Shed, then the smaller elements are a Wash House: Wood Store: Piggery & Cart Shed: Entrance Gate and then 2x wall sections (different to each other), a Pond and a Sand Pit.

I really enjoyed building these, and the end results are lovely. Just by itself it makes for a really good looking display piece. As it is for gamers, the roof sections on the main buildings are all designed to lift off and allow you to place figures inside. Assembly was straightforward and the parts fit so nicely. The only element I found needed 'adjusting' were in the build of the Farmhouse. The inner face at one end of the Farmhouse has detail of the window from that should face outward, but that face is pre-coloured and should face inward. So, I just painted the inner face a suitable cream colour and had the frame facing outwards. There are also a series of small stone insets on the upper walls on both sides of the building.  They are all numbered in sequence, but didn't look to be the right shape for the pre-set holes for them. So, I treated it like a 'jigsaw puzzle' and fitted them one by one.


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