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This is a range of acrylic paints and weathering colours made in Italy, and imported to the UK by The Airbrush Company.

They do a really good selection of themed sets, some of which include weathering powders as well as paints.  They brush paint nicely and with a touch of thinner, are suitable for airbrushing as well.  I use them a lot.

A full list of the sets can be found on the website of The Airbrush Company.  It is also worth adding that the colours are also available individually, so if you find yourself using one or two colours from a set, you can replace them without needing to buy the whole set again.

Adam Wilder Products

Produced by an excellent modellers, Adam Wilder's range of modelling materials, paints, weathering materials, dry-print transfers and modellers tools has developed into a very useful range, with some very useful and simple to use products. They include things like Textured Earth shades, Weathering Powders, Washes and Filters, Primers, Additives, Masking liquids, and Weathering Oils (in tubes).  Tools include Tweezers, files and more, all ranges they add to on a regular basis.

The range is imported and distributed in the UK by The Airbrush Company.

Ammo of Mig Jiminez

One of the best known military modellers around the world, Mig Jiminez has long been involved with producing modelling materials.  It started with Washes and Filters but has moved on a lot since then. For various reasons he has moved between company names, but the most recent is Ammo of Mig Jiminez, a company based in Spain.  In recent years the product range has expanded a great deal, in particular to include a huge range of Acrylic Paints and a number of modellers books.  From military vehicles they have also moved on to cover aircraft and trains as well.  A handy series of new 'OilBrushers' which are Oil paints ready to use and with a brush incorporated in the container.  Their series of thicker 'Muds' are also very effective and easy to use.  They also have a tie-in with Takom Models as they prepare their colour schemes and painting instructions, keyed in with their own paint colours.

AK Interactive

Another extensive range of modellers paints, washes and filters, books and other modellers tools and accessories.  Their acrylic paints are very nice to use and they have formed a tie-in with Meng Models to do their colour schemes and paints to go with the Meng range of kits.  Regular new releases every month and a good quality range of products in my experience.  Another Spanish based company.


A range of acrylic paints from Poland and while they do common topics such as the RAF and USAF from WW2 to the present, they are notable for some WW2 British vehicle colours and they also provide coverage of some lesser known air forces, such as Brazil and Belgium just as a couple of examples.


This is a range of acrylic paints and weathering colours made in Spain.



Deluxe Materials


British Shermans in Normandy in 1/35...

...4 sets from Star Decals

Vietnam War Armour Decals in 1/72...

...3 more sets from Star Decals

Deep Ocean Acrylic Gel...

...trying something new, from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

British Sherman Decals in 1/72...

...more news from Star Decals

Finnish Aircraft WW2...

...a new set from Lifecolor via The Airbrush Company

South East Asia 1950s...

...more 1/35 armour from Star Decals

Korean War Armour Decal sets...

...2 sets from Star Decals

USN & USMC Paint Set...

...6 Acrylic colours from Lifecolor, via The Airbrush Company

Anti-Slip Textures...

...3 new products from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

Black Cyanoacrylate and Activator...

..2 new handy tools from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

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