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Small House with Workshop in 28mm scale...

...laser-cut wood buildings from 4Ground Models
4Ground_28mm_SmallHouseWorkshop (1).JPG

Modern technology has brought a number of benefits to modellers, and one of these is the use of computers along with laser cutting tools.  4Ground Publishing have expanded from just making their own models, and these days produce some kits created by other designers. One of these is 'Things from the Basement' and the example I have here is their 'Small House with Workshop'. Laser-cut wood kits, with some parts (the roof tiles) in a much thinner but stout card.
Illustrated assembly instructions are provided and the parts are pre-coloured. Assembly is quite straightforward, simply remove the pre-cut shapes from their carrier boards and use white glue (wood glue) to secure everything together. The parts are pre-coloured, and in this kit they also provide a couple of bags of Rendering Powder, which can be pasted onto the walls, following the instructions they also include. Personally I chose not to use the rendering powder as I thought it looked good enough without, but it is a good option and will simulate buildings in certain parts of the world. The only thing I felt was missing were ridge tiles to cover the top join of the two halves of the rook tiles. However, the solution was to cut and use a couple of suitable sections from the frame that carried the roof sections. That worked well enough I thought.
This building will go with 28mm scale figures, and it is a building that will go with figures from many eras, from Ancients to the Present Day. An easy and enjoyable model to build, and it will make for a great bit of scenery on your wargames table, equally handy as the roof is removable so you can place figures inside if you wish.


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