Academy and Pegasus Kits expected March 2017...

News of some new kits from Academy and Pegasus which are expected here in the UK with importers Pocketbond in March.

PKAY12311 MiG-21 MF "Soviet Air Forces & Export" 1/48
Limited Edition with new Cartograf decals

PKAY12546 F-86F "Korean War" 1/72
New Cartograf decals.

PKAY12547 F/A-18E USN VFA-143 "Pukin' Dogs" 1/72

PKAY13501 M36/M36B2 US Army "Battle of the Bulge" 1/35
New tooled parts for upper hull and transmission cover. Build as M36 or M36B2.

Pegasus Hobbies

PKPG0750 M4A3 Sherman (qty 2) 1/144
Pre-painted and assembled plastic model, paint and glue not required.