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FV 432 81mm Mortar Carrier Conversion in 1/35...

...for the Takom kit, new from Accurate Armour

The FV 432 is the British Army APC that was introduced in the early 1960s, and many of which are still in service today.  A year or so ago, Takom released a fine plastic kit of the basic FV 432 APC, complete with internal detailing.  They followed that up with the more recent uparmoured version, the Bulldog.

The 432 though was built in a number of configurations and now Accurate Armour have released a conversion set (C113) with the internal fitments for the 81mm Mortar carrier, including the mortar itself and the (filled) ammunition racks.

Thanks to Derek Hansen at Accurate Armour for sending through the news and you can find more details on the Accurate Armour website, using the link below.


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