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IDF M109A2 Doher in 1/35...

...another IDF variant from AFV Club

AFV Club have added another variation on their M109 kits, this time with the later version used by the IDF, the Doher.  The first examples of the M109 were purchased by Israel as far back as 1969. modified for IDF use and known as the Rochev (also available in the AFV Club range).  It was in 1993 that the US Army upgraded to the M109A6, which externally looked similar but the internal technology was the most significant element.  The IDF also upgraded their howitzers with new IT and fire control systems, and this is known as the Doher.  It has a greater firing range and an increase in overall weight, a redesigned commander's cupola, and electrically controlled gun travel lock and the right rear turret basket is replaced by an external diesel generator.  The IDF upgraded all their M109 to Doher specifications and around 350 are still in service.

The kit includes:-

Commander's FN machine gun, CAR 15 rifle, charge containers, ammo boxes and other accessories

Early type muzzle brake, IDF Jerry cans and turret front mounted stowage baskets

Auxiliary generator on turret rear

Markings for 3 IDF artillery units

Self-defence mg's on turret top

New style gun travel lock

New Commander's cupola

Optional periscope on turret roof

The first releases also include a bonus resin figure of an IDF soldier.

Lots of parts in the kit and excellent external detail, though no internal detailing.  Another fine model from AFV Club and ideal for collectors of either IDF equipment or SP artillery.

Thanks to AFV Club for the news.


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