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LST-1 in 1/350...

...the kit from AFV Club

I have recently been able to buy an example of the new LST-1, a 1/350 scale model from AFV Club. My immediate reaction on opening the box was that this is superb. I do have to be honest though, at a retail price of over £70.00 I think it is very expensive. If you want any 1/350 vehicles in it, to help bring the LST to 'life', then you have to buy them separately, at a retail cost of over £20.00. for a set. I have a personal view that considering the price, then at least one sprue of vehicles (and that only give you 1 Sherman tank) should have been included in the base kit. That is my only 'whinge' and that a relatively small kit is now over £70.00 retail, and that will put off a lot of people from buying it, which is a real shame. I believe there is a danger from the ever growing price of plastic kits from some manufacturers is restricting sales to a point that puts younger modellers out of the market and for elder modellers such as myself, pensioners, where you have to seriously think about what kits you buy.

Right, having got that off my chest, let me talk through what is still a really rather lovely model.

The hull starts things off, with the internal tank deck. That needed to be painted before the deck goes on if you are having the bow doors open.  There are 7 options for colours and markings, depending on where the LST was during the war. This impacts how many of the smaller Higgins boats are carried. There are variations of 2, 4 or 6. If you choose any of the 4 or 6 options then there are holes to be drilled in the main deck before it is fixed in place. The option I am going for has only 2. Fit of parts so far has been very good and I do like the look of it.

More to come as the build progresses...


Well, I have now got all the AA guns done and fitted, and the basic paintwork done. The model has been brush painted and helpfully, all the colours I needed were in the US Navy Colour Set 1 from Lifecolor. The lower hull red is not in this set, so I used a hull red from a Japanese Navy set. I have yet to add the LST Number transfers, for my chosen option, that of an LST in Normandy in 1944. Next I need to add a few of the vehicles on the main deck, and a Sherman coming off the ramp. Also the whole ship needs some weathering to be done, so more still to come.


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