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M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle in 1/35... from AFV Club

A look at the assembled test shot  of their new M728 that is due for release in 2018 from AFV Club.  Based on the chassis of the M60A1 MBT I this one looks good.

This Combat Engineer Vehicle has been in service with the US Military since 1965, quite an amazing record, as it remains in service with reserve units to this day.   Their first deployment was during the Vietnam War. It is armed with a 165mm M135 short-barrelled demolition gun with 30 rounds of ammunition, the same as that used on the British Army Centurion Mk 5 AVRE.  It carries a permanently fitted A-Frame and can mount a dozer blade or mine plough on the front as required.

Thanks to AFV Club for the news.


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