...Building Trumpeter's 1/16th scale kit from AFV Modeller Publications, via Casemate

Title: Jagdtiger

Author: Sam Dwyer

Publisher: AFV Modeller Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9935646-2-8

A new paperback book from AFV Modeller Publications tackling in detail Sam Dwyer's build of Trumpeter's 1/16th scale Jagdtiger.  Not just the build but plenty of added detail as well and these new parts are also now available as resin castings so you could add them to your own kit if you are planning to build it.

There has clearly been plenty of research into the model, especially for the interior, before the build started.  Elements missing from the kit itself have been added/corrected, and the painting and finishing of the model both inside and out is first class.  The book breaks down the construction and painting process into 7 of the 9 chapters, a build that took 7 months to complete.  Much of the inspiration behind it came from Dave Parker's earlier and equally excellent build of the King Tiger in the same scale, though the detail for the Jagdtiger took additional searching.  Following an Introduction for chapter one, the build process is broken down across the next 7 chapters, Internal Construction (the hull); Internal Construction (the Fighting Compartment); Construction (the exterior); Internal Painting (the Crew Areas); Painting (the Engine Bay); Painting (the exterior); and a Gallery of photos of the completed model.  All these chapters are based around top quality, detailed photos of each element of the build, captioned with helpful explanatory notes as to what is going on.

The final chapter is a set of excellent reference photos showing the (heavily rusted) interior of a surviving late production Jagdtiger that used to be on display at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, but is not in the collection of the National Armor & Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia.  The Trumpeter kit used the Bovington Jagdtiger as their reference, while the US based example has more internal details which helped with this build.  A lot of photos and though badly rusted, it still makes for a very useful reference.

An excellent book for modellers of this huge Trumpeter kit, but even if you are not doing the big Trumpeter model, there are lots of helpful tips for modellers that are included in the book that can be applied to other subjects or the Jagdtiger in smaller scales.


Thanks to Casemate UK for my example, a real modellers book this one.