Airfix News - New Armour kits Plans for 2020...

...Announcements we can expect for 2020 from Airfix

For early January 2020, Airfix have made their announcements of their planned releases for the coming year. Here we see the new Armour models and some interesting ones to see. For those like me who are old enough to remember when their first 1/76 Tiger I and Sherman kits were released in the 1960's, we know the faults in those early kits (the Tiger in particular), it is so good to see that they have at last chosen to re-master the Tiger and the Sherman in 1/72 scale. Only preliminary images so far, but the Tiger will apparently use the famous markings of Michael Wittman's Tiger, which it wore when it was knocked out in Normandy at the start of August 1944. The Sherman is to be the 17pounder armed Firefly, such as the one credited with knocking out Wittman's Tiger, by the gunner Joe Ekins.

The others are set to be 1/35 models. There is to be a British Cromwell in two forms, and the computer images of these they have released do look as if it is an 'upscaled' version of their 1/72 kit, which was a fine new generation kit they did a few years ago, so this is one worth looking forward to. As for their other 1/35 plans, we only have side view line drawings so far but it does show the individual subjects we can be expecting over the year.

Thanks to Airfix for providing the images seen here.



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