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Airspeed Horsa in 1/72...

...from Airfix/Italeri 
Airfix_HorseGlider (1).JPG

This model has been on one of my shelves for several years. Originally an Italeri kit, it was also produced by Airfix, and is still available from Italeri. Same kit. It has internal details so can be built with tail separated or cargo door open if you want to use it in a diorama. Even though it isn't a new model, it demonstrates how good a kit it was in the first place.

Among the famous operations undertaken with the use of the Horsa, I still think the most impressive has to be the landing at Pegasus Bridge in the early hours of D-Day. If you visit the site today, markers show how close they were to the bridge when they landed. No engines, no modern GPS aids and in the dark (OK there was moonlight), an incredible feat of flying these large gliders.

The only error I made in what was a straightforward build was to not add enough weight in the nose, so it is a 'tailsitter', so I have to support the tail to get these photos. This model was brush painted, including the invasion stripes. I used Lifecolor paints on it.

Italeri do the American made Waco (in British service, Hadrian), another nice model, and if only we could persuade either of these manufacturers to do the Hamilcar as well. Fingers crossed, we can but hope.


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