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British WW2 Uniform Colours set...

...a new acrylic paint set from AK Interactive

AK Interactive regularly add to their range of acrylic paint sets.  Among them, they also have a sub-set devoted to figures and a recent release in this series is this one, covering British WW2 uniforms.  Attractively packaged, the internal tray holds 6 colours -


AK3026 Tan

AK3058 Intermediate Green

AK3064 Green Black

AK3073 Red Brown

AK3081 British Uniform

AK3033 Light Sand

The illustrations on the back of the box show the three main uses for these colours, allowing for basic British Battledress, for the tan Pixie suits worn by British tank crews, along with the 3-colour camouflage used on the Denison Smock worn by British Airborne forces.

These are good quality acrylics, though as with all paints, they need to be well shaken prior to use to ensure the paint is properly mixed.  They can be used direct from the pots for brush painting, while if you are using them through an airbrush, then add some thinner.  The other thing to say is that I do like the 'dropper' style bottles these come in, which help you dispense just the volume you need into your palette, which also helps measure your quantities in any paint mix as well.

A welcome and very useful set for the figure modeller.


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