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AK Interactive, Blue Shades Paint Set

This acrylic paint set from AK Interactive goes for another common uniform colour for uniforms, in this case Blue.  French Napoleonics and the American Civil War both jump instantly to mind for me, though of course there are many others.  The six colours provide the shades from darker blue shadow through to paler blue highlights.  The illustrations on both the front and back of the box give plenty of ideas about what you might do with them.  Suitable for use either by brush painting, or with an airbrush with a little additional thinner.
The six colours included, going from dark to light are Dark Blue, Prussian Blue, American Blue, Turquoise, Intermediate Blue and Light Blue.  The other thing to consider now is that if you find yourself using more of one or more of the colours, then all the Figures series of paints from AK Interactive are now available individually, so you don't need to buy a complete new set if you only want to replace one or two colours.

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