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AK Interactive, Red Shades Paint Set

AK Interactive have their 'Figures' series of paints and providing a set of reds to help with the various shading colours for use on uniforms.  In the case of Reds then naturally these are ideal for the pre-1900 days of the British Red Coats, a characteristic feature of the British soldier over so many years.  For Napoleonic figures this will be very welcome in particular, and let alone othre periods such as Romans or even the bright red trousers of French troops early in WW1.
The six colours in the set enable you to work through from darker shadows through the main reds to the lighter highlights, and with six shades there is good variation. The individual colours are Reddish Black, Orange, Vermillion Cadmium Red, Intense Red, Pale Red and Emblem Red.  The other thing to consider now is that if you find yourself using more of one or more of the colours, then all the Figures series of paints from AK Interactive are now available individually, so you don't need to buy a complete new set if you only want to replace one or two colours.

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