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Vietnam US Uniforms Colours Set...

...Greens and Camouflage, from AK Interactive

Another recent addition to the series of 'Figures' paint sets from AK Interactive.  With the Vietnam War for the topic, this is very handy.  While it is always possible to search your own stock of paint colours these sets of paints are proving very popular and are a convenient solution to getting the basic colours for a particular project or two.

In this case we have a selection of Greens which will enable you to do the basic green colours for US Army, Marine and Air Force uniforms but also for the various camouflage patterns they used as well.  This includes the woodland pattern commonly seen on helmet covers to the distinctive Tiger Stripe camouflage pattern used by both US and South Vietnamese (ARVN) units.

The 6 colours in the set are -

AK3023 Dark Green

AK3024 Light Green

AK3025 Medium Green

AK3064 Green Black

AK3075 US Field Drab

AK3143 Grey Green

Supplied in the usual 'dropper' style bottle, which helps control the quantities you dispense into a pallet or if you are mixing your own shades.  The formulation is good for brush painting, while you will need to add some thinner if you want to apply them through an airbrush.  The back of the box gives some examples of the different patterns these colours can be used for.  There are some very nice Vietnam period figures available these days, in a variety of scales, so this new set will be handy, and I would expect it to prove very popular.


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