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First Aid, Basic Pigments...

... from Ammo of Mig Jiminez
Ammo_BasicPigments (1).JPG

Ammo of Mig Jiminez have been making a range of paints, washes, pigments and other weathering effects material for some 5 years now. This new pack is in what they name a 'First Aid' set, providing a set of 5 of their most popular pigments, making this ideal for modellers who want to try them for the first time, and equally, handy for many of us who regularly use them, to re-stock a number of the basic colours. It is worth adding the reminder that well detailed suggestions for how to make best use of hem are available in their catalogue, their website and in their growing series of modelling books.  The colours in this one are -

A.Mig-3004 - Europe Earth

A.Mig-3007 - Dark Earth

A.Mig-3008 - Track Rust

A.Mig-3009 - Gunmetal

A.Mig-3013 - Rubble

The colours are ideal for brick and stone buildings, though they have plenty of other uses. They are easy enough to use, and can be fixed in place with their Pigment Fixer liquid (available separately) or fixed in place by applying a coat of sprayed matt varnish. They work on model vehicles in both small and large scales, as well as for the groundwork in a diorama.

My thank to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for my example.




Ammo_BasicPigments (2).JPG
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