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Black Cyanoacrylate and Activator...

... from Ammo of Mig Jiminez
Ammo_BlackCyano (1).JPG

I don't think we can say there is something glamourous about a glue, but it is certainly something that is key in the toolbox of every modeller. In this case I'm talking about two new products from Ammo of Mig Jiminez, and two which I think will attract a lot of fans.
Cyanoacrylate, so commonly known as 'superglue', is a marvellous tool to have, but it can have qualifications to that. For plastic modellers, then a plastic cement is most commonly used, but for many years now there are a wide range of both resin and metal models and conversions, and these benefit from the use of superglue. With resin models especially, a potential problem is that basic cyanoacrylate bonds pretty much instantly, so if you don't get things positioned correctly when you join the parts together, there is little or no time to make adjustments. Hence, having a slower drying version will be really handy. Only recently I had assembled a couple of parts of a resin kit and two of the main parts had not lined up correctly and it looked odd. I couldn't get them apart again and was rather frustrated. Eventually I found a de-bonder and got the pieces apart, and cleaned them all up before starting again. If I had used a slower drying cyanoacrylate like this, I could have adjusted things and saved myself a lot of time and bother. This new one also has another, and surprisingly simple, advantage. This type of glue is usually clear and hence difficult to see, and easy to get yourself stuck to the model as well! Being black makes it so much easier to see against pale colours plastics and resins.
The second new product to be added to the Ammo range is an 'Activator', which is a hardening accelerator to use with cyanoacrylate. So, once the parts to be joined are all correctly positioned, and to fix them permanently, add a drop of the Activator and it hardens straight away. The lid of the screw top bottle has a built in applicator brush, but they also provide an alternative spray top that can be used instead.
Now, it just happened that when my examples arrived, I had a couple of small (12mm scale) artillery pieces cast in white metal which needed the gun shields fitted to the carriage. I had previously fixed the wheels in place onto the carriage but had not managed to get the shield to hold as it had only a small point of joining and my earlier attempts had simply been unsuccessful. So, I tried the new Black, Slow Drying cyanoacrylate which was nice and easy to see once applied but to stop the shield falling away, I used a drop of the Activator, using the brush within the bottle, and they set instantly. Problem solved and I was very pleased with the result, and so easy to use. Hence I am happy to suggest you could find this one very useful to add to your toolbox.

My thank to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for my example.




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