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Depot Areas and Sludge Tracks...

...Weathering Set, from Ammo of Mig Jiminez
Ammo_DepotWeatheringSet (1).JPG

Ammo of Mig Jiminez are of course well known for their ranges of weathering effects, pigments and paints.  This is a recent set which combines 4 of those weathering effects along with one of the jars of pigment.  Individually we have seen them before but as a set this is one I particularly like.  It is aimed at Railway modellers if you judge it by the set title, but very useful for dioramas as well as railway models.  It can be equally useful for the military vehicle modeller as well.

As you can see from the photos, there are two enamel washes, the darker Track Wash and a Light Rust Wash.  These are accompanied by two weathering effects, one for a dark Engine Grime and another for Fresh Engine Oil.  In each of these cases, I always suggest that the jars are well shaken before they are opened for use, so that the pigments mix well with the carrier liquid (enamel).  They tend to settle if left unused for any period, so always ensure they are well shaken/mixed before each use.  If you are unsure of how to get the best out of these, do check out their various publications along with their catalogue/website which give good guides on how to get the best from them.

The final pot in this set is one with a weathering pigment, in this instance, Metal Slag, a metallic finish like powdered graphite.  The combination of the five jars is nicely thought out, obviously suitable for a Railway scene but just as useful for military vehicle/diorama modellers.

My thank to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for my example.



Ammo_DepotWeatheringSet (2).JPG
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