The Weathering Magazine - Die-casts...

...from Toy to Model from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

A new issue of 'The Weathering Magazine' from Ammo of Mig Jiminez and I have to say what a particularly interesting subject this time as it tackles a topic I have thought about before but never actually done.  Though I have been a modeller for more years than I care to admit to, I have also been a collector of assorted diecasts.  Die casts enable you to have a completed model in your collection, built and painted, without taking the time to build a kit yourself.  A 'however' though is that they are very rarely weathered.

So, here is the encouragement/inspiration to add your own weathering to your diecast and to make it more 'individual' for yourself.  In this issue we have a number of contributors tackle a great variety of subjects, in an equal variety of scales.  It opens with a bit of modern engineering equipment, a 1/50 excavator, given the treatment by Sergius Peczek, giving it a 'used' and dusty look.  This is followed by a larger 1/18 scale model of the famous Lancia Stratos rally car, weathered by Graziano Ghetti.  Next is a 1/43 Zil-157 Fire Truck from Domingo Hernandez before Javier Lopez de Anca takes on the Hobby Master 1/72 Douglas A-1 Skyraider.  This is quite an expensive model so it would be good to follow the advice given within the magazine to experiment on other models first before you tackle something you might overdo.  After this we get something quite different, a 1/87 Diesel Locomotive, one with an electic motor for use on a model train set.  This one is very nicely done by the man himself, Mig Jiminez.  A fully tracked Russian AT-T tractor in 1/43 comes next, from Rick Lawler.  Here he takes a green model and repaints it in a pale blue along with a heavily rusted look, based on a photo of a real example.  Something a bit different next, with a 1/10 action figure of a Star Wars Shoretrooper.  It's ready painted so just a case of adding weathering and detailing to add some extra character to the figure, completed by Diego Quijano.  The issue is rounded off by an extensive transformation on a civilian coach, changing the pristine scheme into one with plenty of rust, broken windows, missing door and covered in graffiti.  Another 1/43 scale model, this time finished by Alexandre Benvenuti.

Another excellent edition which naturally showcases the range of different weathering materials available from Ammo along with good demonstrations of how to use them using step by step descriptions accompanying very good quality photos to illustrate the various stages, with before and after images of the models themselves.  Whatever your favourite topic of collectibles there are a lots of ideas in here you might like to try.


Thanks to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for my copy.