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First Step Set...

... from Ammo of Mig Jiminez
AmmoFirstStepsSet (1).JPG

I'll start this by saying how I have been impressed by this new set from Ammo. As modellers we so frequently focus on the latest kit releases, be they AFVs, aircraft, figures or ships but tend to gloss over the glues and fillers we use to build these new kits. Indeed, most of us have favourite brands that we have used for years.
So, I was pleasantly suprised to find this new 'First Step Set' from Ammo, which contains some basic tools/materials of their own brand and which I had missed noticing as they have been released individually. The result is really a very useful addition to your toolbox and I plan to report separately on them individually in the near future, as I try out each one. The set contains -

A.Mig-2025 Extra Thin Cement
A.Mig-8013 Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate
A.Mig-2029 Ultra Decal Set
A.Mig-2030 Ultra Decal Fix
A.Mig-2031 Ultra Glue
A.Mig-2032 Ultra Liquid Mask
A.Mig-2039 Arming Putty, Acrylic Type
A.Mig-2040 Arming Putty, Classic
A.Mig-8570 Sniperbrush Collection Set

Each has some particular benefits, with the Decal Fix helping transfers fit snugly over details such as rivets etc, and eliminate air bubbles that can mar the end result. Equally, the Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate (super glue) allows for just that bit of extra time to make adjustments in getting the fit just right when assembling a model, especially with resin kits I find. Then there is the Ultra Glue. This is a white glue and is good not just for wood and clear parts, but also for etch brass detailing. Talking about transparencies again, the Liquid Mask is again a very useful material to have on hand, and being bright blue, easy to see. Putty is always handy for filling gaps. The Sniperbrushes are a plastic handle with a small piece of foam on the tip, allowing for adding paint at some very precise spots. Put all these together in a pack like this and it is very useful.

My thank to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for my example.




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