Iron Factory...

...a Weathering Special, from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

One of a number of recent titles from Ammo of Mig Jiminez, and quite naturally it showcases not only some good models from Meng and Trumpeter but the paints and weathering products in the Ammo range as well.  Added to this we get so see some detailed walk throughs of creating 6 highly detailed models of Russian AFVs by six equally highly skilled modellers.

The first build features a 2S3 Akatsiya, a 152mm SPG.  Based on the Trumpeter kit, though with the turret identified as out of shape, so it is replaced by a new custom made 3D printed replacement and a good many other additional details.  The finish is a multi-colour camouflage and with a good deal of weathering.  Built by modeller Ignat Pomazkov it also uses lots of etch brass detail and other accessory/detailing sets, with a relatively mild weathering of mud and dust. The second build is for a burnt out BMP-2 by Roman Volchenkov, inspired by 2 photos of a real one for reference, knocked out in modern fighting in the Ukraine.  This uses a Trumpeter kit which has interior detail, ideal for one shown  with all the hatches left open by the crew as they abandoned it.  Again it has a selection of additional aftermarket details (resin replacement road wheels, metal gun barrel etc) and a rusted/burnt out paint finish which looks very effective and a good explanation of how it was achieved. For the third build we get a Trumpeter BTR-70 in Afghanistan in the 1980's, built by Mig Jiminez himself. Another good explanation of the build details and how to get the same camouflage and weathered finish, though again with extra detail parts for metal gun barrels and replacement resin wheels.

For the fourth build, by Sergiusz Peczek, we see a T-64 B M1981, based on an example in a multi-colour camouflage that has been sitting in a Kiev scrap yard.  Extra accessory parts added to a Trumpeter kit again, and interesting effects ranging from rust to the growth of moss and dead leaves collecting in places.  Build five is a T-80B by Yevgeny Yashkin, an officer in the Russian army with direct access to their military vehicles.  This one, in a plain green finish, is set in the First Chechen War and once again has a lot of added detailing..  The final build is by Alexy Sergeyev and uses Meng's kit of the T-90 A, set in the scenario of modern day Syria.  A multi colour camouflage and more added etch brass and metal gun barrel and a heavily weathered finish.

Overall this should rightly be popular among modellers who enjoy building post-war Soviet AFVs and builds where some fine modellers are happy to share their techniques with some very clear and detailed photos of the build sequence, and with numbered text captions to explain what/how they have done it.  If I have one question mark over them all is the number of 'extras' added to each build.  The extra cost added to the quite high cost of the base kits could price them out of reach for many modellers, but I must qualify that by saying that even if you only build the basic kits from the box, their painting and weathering techniques can still turn your model into something special.  I should of course mention that all the builds use the paints and weathering products from the Ammo of Mig Jiminez ranges but it also gives excellent inspiration on how you can get the best out of them.  An excellent book for any modeller of modern Soviet equipment and how to get the most out of the many paint and weathering products we are lucky to have available to us all these days.

My thanks to Ammo of Mig Jiminez for our review copy.