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Ammo, King Tiger Colours...

...2 acrylic paint sets for the Exterior and Interior of the Takom kits

Ammo of Mig Jiminez have a co-operative arrangement with Takom, and provide the colour guides for their kits, tied in to the range of acrylic paints from Ammo themselves.  In this case they have release two new sets of paints which are directly tied in with the new King Tiger kits from Takom.  The colours have been seen before in the Ammo range, but these ones make two sets directly keyed in with the new kits.  The first has 6 colours for the exterior of a late war King Tiger, while the other one has colours tied directly to the interior colours you need for these new King Tiger kits.  Of course these will be equally useful for other German WW2 AFVs, but for anyone buying the new Takon kits, these make an easy solution to finding the correct basic colours for them.  In particular I suspect the Internal Detailing colours will be popular.
As indicated by the yellow caps, Ammo do include a 'stirring ball' inside, so do shake them well before use to ensure you get a good coverage before the coat of paint is completed,

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