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Sherman Tanks Colour Set 2... acrylic colours set from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

Linked to their release of a new book filled  with colour profiles of the Sherman Tank in WW2 (reviewed separately in the Book Review section of this site), this new set is one of three sets of colours associated with the Sherman.  This one is number 2 in the series of three, and covers the European Theatre of Operations during WW2.  So, if you are looking for some inspiration on what finish to give your latest Sherman model, have a look through the profiles in their book and here you have the necessary colours to follow through on a chosen project.  To start you off there are a few examples given on the back of the box they come in.

Two of the colours are their 'Washable' paints, so once applied, you can use water to then thin them down to create weathered effects, such as dust coatings and a worn, temporary winter white camouflage.  As is usual with Ammo, the pots contain a ball bearing which is really useful in helping mix the paint properly when you shake the  bottle before use.

The 6 colours in this set are-

  • A.MIG 0926 Olive Drab Base

  • A.MIG 0105 Washable Dust

  • A.MIG 0024 Washable White

  • A.MIG 0046 Matt Black

  • A.MIG 0135 Burnt Cinnamon

  • A.MIG 0148 Desert Yellow


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