Sherman, The American Miracle...

...a Camouflage Profile Guide from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

A new book packed with colour profiles from Ammo of Mig Jiminez and covering what must be one of the most popular modelling subjects, the Sherman tank.  It starts with a bit of background on the Sherman, very much aimed at modellers.  The History and Evolution of the Sherman shows the changes in the shapes of the hull over the different versions, the two main turret types and the various patterns of road wheels and suspension units.  This is followed by three ages discussing colours and linking them to paints in the Ammo range, more of which in a moment.

The book is then split into sections covering the Sherman in service in North Africa & the Middle East: Italy: in the UK: France: Low Countries: Germany 1945: Free France: Soviet Shermans: Beutepanzer: Knocked out Shermans: and finally, the Pacific Theatre.  There are all sort of variants, including BARV, ARV's, Mine Rollers, Crab mine flails, rocket launchers and the mix of gun tanks.  In sections such as Italy, and in the Pacific Theatre there are more unusual variations and in the Pacific in particular, additional armour using track links, wood and so on. It is a good illustration that not all Shermans were just plain olive drab as there are so many variations here that it could keep an avid modeller busy for years.

There are about 10 archive photos included in the book amidst all the super colour profiles.  At the start of the book it tells the reader that all the profiles are based on research among archive photos and what impressed me in particular, that while only a few are included in the book, if you have any query on a particular profile, they invite you to contact them for additional information.

Finally, illustrated inside the back cover, Ammo are also releasing three new sets of their acrylic paints with colours that all related to those used in the many illustrations of the book.  Set 1 covers WW2 Commonwealth (with desert colours), set 2 for WW2 European Theatre of Operations and then set 3, US Marine Corps Shermans in the Pacific theatre.

Another excellent set of profiles for the Sherman, which goes well with their earlier profile titles for Waffen SS Colours and AFVs on the Eastern Front.