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Fries Kran 16t Strabokran & Ferdinand in 1/35...

...Amusing Hobby have announced this as a new 1/35 Model

Hot on the heels of Takom announcing their kit of the Fries Crane, so Amusing Hobby have announced the same thing, but in this case accompanied by a Ferdinand complete with full interior and the addition of clear roof parts, so you'll be able to see all that internal detail in the finished model.  Up until now there was only a resin kit of this mobile workshop crane, the one done by Des Kit in France.  Now, after years of waiting for one in plastic, two are announced within days of each other.  The difference for this one from Amusing Hobby over the Takom kit is that this comes along with the Ferdinand which not only has the internal details but the clear roof parts so you can see all the work you put into the insides.  I can foresee a host of workshop dioramas appearing over the next year or so.


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