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Australian LAVs in 1/87...

...resin kits from Trident Miniatures, Austria

How about something a little more unusual for a series of models?  Well maybe some modern Australian AFVs to go with their 6x6 Perenties (based on the Land Rover) and in this case four different variants of the ASLAV II.  The Australian military trialled the LAV made by General Dynamics of Canada, based on the MOWAG Piranha 8x8 and in 1992 ordered a second batch, with more parts being made in Australia.  Even more orders followed.

There are different variants on the ASLAV chassis and 4 of these are available in these polyurethane resin models from Trident Models from Austria.  The four variants are -

  • ASLAV-PC - A Personnel Carrier with a two-man crew and room to accommodate 7 troops.

  • ASLAV-C - The Command variant, fitted with extra radios and masts, seating and mapboards.

  • ASLAV-S - A specialised surveillance vehicle equipped with thermal imager, laser range finder, television camera and battlefield surveillance radar on a hydraulic mast.

  • ASLAV-A - An Ambulance variant with space for 3 stretchers or 6 sitting patients plus stowage for medical equipment.


The models are similar for having the enlarged superstructures rather then the gun armed turret of the basic ASLAV-25.  While the forward hull and chassis is common to all four there is appropriate interior and external detail for each type.  The quality of the castings is good, and there are a fair number of parts involved in each model.  A small assembly guide is included with each one and this uses photos of the model under construction with the part numbers indicated on each photo.  The castings are neat and crisp, and I didn't see any air bubble blemishes to be dealt with.  In building resin models you are best off using superglue for assembly and I would say they always need a coat of primer before applying the colour scheme.  The Australian Army uses a multi-colour disruptive scheme and I'd suggest searching photos on the internet for pattern references.

Being in 1/87, clearly these will sit beside plastic models in the same scale from Trident themselves or Minitanks and the quality of these  resin castings mean they will go well together.

Thanks to Trident Models for these examples.


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