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Australian Perentie 6x6 Variants in 1/87...

...resin kits from Trident Miniatures, Austria

Two separately available resin kits from Trident Miniatures for variants of the Australian Army Perentie 6x6.  A variation of the Land Rover 110 these were partly built under licence in New South Wales with first orders in the late 1980s and a second order in 1998.  With a galvanised chassis, a relocated spare wheel and using Isuzu engines these are now being replaced by variants of the Mercedes G Wagon.  The original order was for 2,500 4x4 variants and an additional 400 6x6 variants.  The turbocharged 6x6 versions had a wider cab and the rear axle used leaf springs to spread the weight.

These two kits from Trident Miniatures provide for the IIMV (Infantry Improvised Mobility Vehicle) and an Ambulance, two of the 9 variations on the 6x6 chassis.  While the cabs are so instantly recognisable as Land Rovers, the 6x6 configuration and the distinctly Australian military multi-colour disruptive camouflage will make for a quite different and distinctive model in any collection of model Land Rovers.

Both models share the same chassis and cab, it is in the rear load body that they differ.  The Ambulance variant has a box body and interior detail is a stretcher and a passenger seat inside the main body, along with a large box on the cab roof.  The Infantry carrier has open sides to the rear body, and troop seats back to back in the centre of the body, enabling quick and easy egress through the open sided rear body.  Good quality polyurethane resin castings in both cases.  There are casting feed blocks to be removed for the main parts and you just need to be careful not to damage the parts themselves as these are removed.  Some parts, such as the cabs just as an example, where opening such as the windows come with a thin resin membrane that needs to be cut out.  This can be done quite happily with a sharp craft knife and is not difficult, just be careful not to damage the detail on the surrounding elements as you do so.  I use the craft knife and then a file to finish off, in corners for example.  There are metal rods for use as axles and supports for the roof in the IIMV.  Assembly is to be done with superglue, and you need to decide where to halt the assembly and paint interiors for the cab and rear body before completing the assembly.  When painting resin, do apply a coat of primer before applying the camouflage scheme.  No transfers are included so you will need to search out a source for appropriate markings.  Just one other note, if you are looking for references, there is a very useful book from Tankograd in their Fast Track In Detail series which features the Perentie.

Available direct from Trident Models, and thanks to Friedrich for my examples.


The picture on the right shows the parts layout for the Perentie 6x6 Ambulance kit.  Very cleanly moulded with no air bubble blemishes, but you can see in this the casting blocks and the thin resin web which need to be removed from some parts (such as the window in the back door panel and within the bull bars.

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