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Pacific Adversaries Volume 1...

...Japanese Army Air Force vs The Allies, New Guinea 1942-1944, from Avonmore Books via Casemate Books

Title:  Pacific Adversaries Volume 1

Author: Michael John Claringbould

Publisher:  Avonmore Books

ISBN:  978-0-646-80314-2

First in a planned series of books from author Michael John Claringbould. He spent many years in Papua New Guinea in the early 1960's where he got his interest in the stories behind the many WW2 aircraft wrecks that were still to be found in the region.
This volume focuses on 15 separate combats between JAAF (Japanese Army Air Force) and Allied aircraft in the area of New Guinea between 1942 & 1944. The significant element of each of these stories is that they are based on records from both sides, and most also supported by archive photos (including some of the pilots), which narrow down the truth about the encounters. It also emphasises how common some records indicated the involvement of the Japanese Zero, whereas many involved quite different aircraft types, on both sides. For each individual chapter there are also some very helpful colour profiles which illustrate the individual aircraft involved.
Add a helpful glossary and a couple of maps which show the area covered by the events within the book, this makes for an interesting read. It will be of interest to the aviation historian who studies the war in the Pacific and with photos and artwork that will be helpful for modellers as well. Judging simply by this first volume, the next ones in the series will add up to a neat reference source.


Published by Avonmore Books and distributed by Casemate, who kindly provided my review copy.


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