The Dunkirk Perimeter and Evacuation 1940...


...A Battleground Dunkirk Guide from Pen and Sword


Title: The Dunkirk Perimeter and Evacuation 1940

Author: Jerry Murland

Publisher: Pen and Sword Books

ISBN: 978-1-147385-223-5

Another addition to the Battleground series, and another from author Jerry Murland. This time looking at the story of the final stages of the defence of the perimeter and the final evacuation of the BEF and French units in the face of the German Blitzkrieg.

The first chapter provides the basic background story the had resulted with the formation of the perimeter and photos of many of the senior commanders of British, French and German armies. This also includes the impact of the famous Halt Order. The next chapter moves on to the make up of the perimeter, both French and British sectors, plus the decision to undertake Operation Dynamo.

Chapters 3-8 give well detailed coverage of The German Forces on the Perimeter: Defending the Perimeter-II Corps: Defending the Perimeter-III Corps: Defending the Perimeter-I Corps: Evacuation - The Logistics: Evacuation - The Reality. All of these are well illustrated throughout, not only with archive photos but also with plenty of maps, showing not only the general area situation, but others showing specific action details. It is also brought to life by the inclusion of snippets of personal recollections from a good mixture of veterans, those who were there and experienced the events first hand.

With all this background of the story ready to hand, it leaves chapter 9 to provide what I think is the heart of the book, the three tours it details. Two of these are for travel by car, and one for a walking tour. The first is for a trip around the Dunkirk Perimeter while the second is perhaps just that bit more unusual, as it is a tour in the UK, around relevant sites in Ramsgate and Dover. The walking tour is back to Belgium, a walk on the beaches at De Panne.

Dunkirk is an easy trip over the English Channel thanks to the Eurotunnel, so for the battlefield visitor all three tours would be relatively easy to make for the UK visitor, including the convenience of doing one of the tours here in Kent.


These Battleground guides are an ideal size to take with you in your car to France.