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The St. Mihiel Offensive...


...12-16 September 1918, a Battleground Guide from Pen and Sword



Title: The St. Mihiel Offensive

Author: Marten Otte

Publisher: Pen and Sword Books

ISBN: 978-1-52673-495-2

Another recent addition to the extensive Battleground series of battlefield guides for WW1, though this time focussing on the American Expeditionary Forces in their fighting over a 5-day period in September 1918. An offensive that was the first time the US forces took the lead in an offensive on the Western Front, though with some French support.
Chapter 1 sets the scene for the offensive, to tackle a Salient that had been fairly stable since the first year of the war, but one which threatened the region south of Verdun. Chapter 2 then details how the Americans took over their own part of the Front. Then it moves on to look at the involvement of each Corps, starting with IV Corps. After the background summary it includes a car tour of the IV Corps area, along with a walking tour of the Trenches of Hauts de Mad Woods. Next it moves on to the I Corps area, with a summary of events along with 2 more car tours and one more walk. Chapter 5 moves on to the V Corps area of operations, and this has another car tour and a walk. Chapter 6 looks at the German Michel Line, a defence line which they did manage to hold. This has a car tour of the zone. Then the final chapter, the 'All American' tour, the 6th car tour in the book, of the US Monuments and Memorials.
I like the way that this one includes the various tours and walks within each chapter, along with a plentiful number of archive and present day photos plus plenty of maps.
There is more information in the selection of Appendices, including the Orders of Battle, and the book does include mention of the early military careers of commanders such as Pershing and General Douglas MacArthur, as well as a certain Colonel George S. Patton. Another excellent and detailed mix of history and battlefield guide which is a great addition to the series.


These Battleground guides are an ideal size to take with you, easy to fit in a backpack or keep in the car.


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