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Walking Gallipoli...


...A Battleground Guide from Pen and Sword



Title: Walking Gallipoli

Author: Stephen Chambers

Publisher: Pen and Sword Books

ISBN: 978-1-847382-564-2

This new 258-page Battleground Guide is another interesting subject with plenty of ideas for walking the battlefields of Gallipoli.. It's different for being a bit further away from the UK than the Western Front, and it was an unsuccessful campaign from the British point of view. All the same, it has significance for others, plus that Turkey is very much a popular holiday destination these days.

The book starts out with a couple of Introductions and a list of the maps you will find distributed throughout the book. Then it is divided across 5 chapters, each one covering a different element of the battlefields. Each one has the basic historical background, detailed tours  accompanied by a selection of archive and present day images. Chapter 1 looks at Forcing the Dardamelles, and this has 1 tour and another optional addition. Chapter 2 covers Anzac, and this one has 2 tours plus two optional extras. Chapter 3 moves on to Helles, and has 3 tours described. Suvla is the subject for chapter 4, and this has just one tour. The final chapter is devoted to the Evacuation which meant the end of the campaign and involves a single tour.

As well as some excellent tours clearly laid out and given their individual contexts, there is also good advice about when to consider your tour, missing the times when Turks tend to visit and also visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Temperatures in the height of summer are also good to avoid. Less facilities such as restaurants and  toilets so more excellent advice on how to ensure you are well prepared for what can be a very  peaceful battlefield visit.


These Battleground guides are an ideal size to take with you, easy to fit in a backpack.


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