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15mm Scale Open Fronted Barn with Saddlery...

...a laser-cut wooden model from Blotz
Blotz_15mm_CartShed_Saddlery (4).JPG

Laser-cut wood models are quite commonly seen in use for model buildings, especially for the wargames market. One of these manufacturers is Blotz, who manufacture a growing range of interesting products using laser cut mdf. I have recently shown their 28mm French Napoleonic Ammunition Caisson. They also do a variety of buildings and accessories in a variety of scales. In this case I bought their 15mm Open Fronted Barn which also has an upper level for a saddlery. It also has a set of external stairs. The nit come unpainted, so just bare mdf. The design though is very clever, as the building has both inner and outer walls. The outer walls utilise two thicknesses of board for them. The wooden beams are in a thicker grade while thinner insets go in to make up the external faces. So, you can paint those outer insets in plain while, and a few lower ones in brick, and they fit perfectly into the spaces in the beams. That made it very easy to paint and then assemble, which also demonstrates an excellent fit of parts. Not only is it easy to assemble, using white wood glue but it was thoroughly enjoyable as well.  The end result looks really good.  Both the upper story and the roof are dry fitted, so you could place wargames figures inside while you are gaming. It is also available in the larger scale of 28mm.

The assembly instructions are not included in the pack, but are freely available to download from the Blotz website, and they are very well done.


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