British Cruiser Tanks A9 and A10...

...Armor PhotoHistory from Model Centrum Progres, via Casemate Books

Title: British Cruiser Tanks A9 and A10

Author: Peter Brown

Publisher: Model Centrum Progres

ISBN: 978-83-60672-28-0

Ideal timing for this new book by Peter Brown as there has been recent news of new models set to be released of both the A9 and A10 tanks from a new plastic kit manufacturer, Gecko Models.   For number 5 in their Armor Photo History series Model Centrum have also extended it to 88 pages and in this case packed with an excellent mix of material.  It opens with the history of the development of these two Cruiser tanks even down to the serial numbers of the different production batches, along with the detailed specifications of each type.  Then it goes on to detail the service history of these Cruisers, from training in the UK to service in France with the BEF and later in both Greece and North Africa.  While this section is supported by a number of data tables there are also some supporting photos.

The informative history takes up the first 25 pages of the book, and this is followed by the largest section, the Photo Gallery, which goes from page 26 through to 64.  A marvellous collection of pictures illustrating both types in all the places they operated.  They include examples in service and others knocked out and captured.  The different camouflage schemes seen on them give useful references for modellers and the informative captions will be enjoyed by the historians for the context they add to the pictures themselves.  One or two will also attract the attention of modellers, showing examples on the back of Scammel tank transporters and with 1/35 models of both the tanks and the tank transporter due out any time now I am sure it will grab modellers' attention.

The next section is all about scale drawings.  Pages 65 to 70 are 1/35 plans for both types, while multiple detailed drawings from the original designs fill pages 71 to 78, a first class reference in readiness for the new models.  The whole thing is rounded off by a section of colour plates giving a great reference for any modeller tackling the new kits from either Gecko and Bronco Models.

Author Peter Brown is very knowledgeable on the topic of British tanks in WW2 and he has done another excellent job along with the publishers to share the information and references with the rest of us.  Military historians will like it while I expect modellers to absolutely love it.

Thanks to the distributers, Casemate, for my copy.