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British Mk IV Light Tank...

...newly restored example at the Tank Museum, Bovington

The Vickers Light Tank MK IV  was one of a series built during the 1930's, which did get to the Mk VI which is perhaps the best known of the series.  As part of the development story, the earlier Mk IV did get beyond the prototype stage, with 34 being built between 1934 and 1935.  They were mainly used for training while a few did go to France with the BEF in 1940, where a few were captured by the German army.  It was powered by a 6-cylinder Meadows petrol engine and armed with just a water-cooled Vickers .303 machine gun in a small turret, and a crew of 2.

One surviving example has been in the collection of The Tank Museum at Bovington for many years.  On static display for a long time, in recent years it had been seen in a 'faded' state amidst the hull stored in the Conservation Centre.  It has recently been away for a restoration to running order and it saw it's first public display at Tankfest 2017.  As well as being available for a close examination in the static park, it was also driven in the arena display, though it did seem a little awkward to drive so perhaps a bit of fine tuning still to do.  For anyone modelling a Mk IV, hopefully this set of photos will be a handy reference.


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