WW11 German 20l Jerry Can and 200l Fuel Drum set in 1/72...

...the latest, and very useful, accessory set from Bronco Models

This new small scale set from Bronco Models is useful for both model aircraft and military vehicle fans alike.  What you get in the box are 2 copies each of 2 sprues, so 4 in total.  One holds four 200l fuel drums, each with a different pattern of lettering on both top and bottom.  I also like that the drums are moulded fully round, and the join between top and bottom sections is disguised by the lower strengthening hoop. There is also a hand pump you can fit to one of them from each sprue, so a total of 8 drums and 2 hand pumps in the box.

As for the Jerry Cans themselves, again there are 2 sprues, each holding 12 beautifully moulded cans, giving us a total of 24 in the box as a whole.

For dioramas, as individual stowage items or as truck loads, this is a really useful and very nicely detailed set that deserves to be popular.

Thanks to Bronco Models for my example.