British Cruiser Tank A10 Mk.1A / Mk.1A CS (Balkans Campaign) in 1/35...

... from Bronco Models

Another of the early war British Cruiser tanks, this time the A10 Mk1a is a new release from Bronco Models.  It it the second version of the kit that Bronco have done.  Flagged on the box as 'Balkans Campaign' this one has new parts with detail such as the sand shields and (optional) extra fuel tank drum that can be mounted on the front left trackguard.  Not only that, but there were a few fine details found on the previous kit which Bronco have corrected for this new version.  These include correcting the number of bolts on the side of the front plate and some bolts on the sides of the air intakes, which they have provided on a new etch brass panel.  The other correction is on another etch part, the smaller front suspension support which had three holes in on the first release.  Those incorrect parts are still on the etch fret in the box, but the addition of a second fret of etch parts hold the corrected versions.

Having built the previous kit I can say this will build very neatly.  As is common with Bronco kits, there are some very small fine parts that need care in removing from their sprues, let alone during assembly.  The aerial mount on the back of the turret comes to mind as one example.  The tracks are done in a link and length style, but they need fitting before you add the trackguards.  The kit also provides optional parts for you to build it as the Mk.1A armed with the 2 pounder main gun, or the Mk.1A CS, armed with a 3.7in (94mm) howitzer.  It also has the sand shields so you could build this as an example used in North Africa as well.

There are three colour and marking options provided in the kit:-

  1. A10 Mk.1A CS T9252, SHQ, C Squadron of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 2nd Armoured Division, in Greece during April 1941.  This is overall light stone with an angular pattern of dark brown.

  2. A10 Mk.1A T5946, 'Cool', of C Squadron, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 2nd Armoured Division in Greece in April 1941.  Another in light stone but with a different pattern of brown disruptive camouflage.

  3. A10 Mk.1A  T5953, 'Blue Eyes', of B Squadron, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 2nd Armoured Division in Greece in April 1941.  Another in sand but with a third variation on the brown camouflage pattern.

This November 2017 release is now in production and going on sale.

Thanks to Bronco Models for our example.


Bronco A10 Mk1a Cruiser (1)
Box art
Bronco A10 Mk1a Cruiser (1)
What you see when you open the box
Bronco A10 Mk1a Cruiser (1)
Instruction booklet
Bronco A10 Mk1a Cruiser (1)
Colour and Markings Option 1
Bronco A10 Mk1a Cruiser (1)
Colour and Markings Option 2 and 3
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