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British Army ATV Quad Bike w/trailer & Soldiers in 1/35th...

...from Bronco Models
Bronco1_35_QuadBike (1).JPG

Now in production for June 2019 and great to see a modern British Army subject, the little ATV Quad bike, their latest 1/35 kit. It features the Quad Bike itself, plus a trailer, which in turn has the options to fit a stretcher for casualty evacuation and two folding ramps carried on hangers on each side of the trailer. Beautifully moulded and excellent detailing. The one thing I think some modellers might hesitate with, as there are some really tiny bolt heads which need to be fitted on the suspension parts.  All clearly illustrated on the instructions, but the tiny bolt heads are moulded on the B sprue frame.  They need to be sliced carefully off (without losing them), and glued in place on the suspension arms. To be honest, if you chose not to fit them their absence would be hard to notice.

There are some etched brass parts for bracing, tie-down straps and a couple of racks which work nicely where they are to be used. The detailing overall is very nicely done.  The trailer is relatively simple, and you have a choice of hanging the bridging ramps on the side, or having them laid flat within a diorama, to bridge a small wadi perhaps. You also have an option to fit a stretcher over the trailer, for it to be used for casualty evacuation, helpful in areas inaccessible to larger vehicles.

To add to a neat little model, the kit also include 4 very nicely done figures of modern British Army infantry. One is a seated rider for the ATV, while another is standing and two more are crouching.  With packs, equipment and weapons these are very nicely done, and welcome for simply being modern British Army figures.

The painting instructions include the ATV & trailer while they also have patterns for two different camouflage patterns for the uniforms on the 4 figures.

Thanks to Bronco Models for the news.


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